Our ambassadors

"As a lifelong athlete, recovery and vitamins play an important role in my career and Nordaid products are excellent due to their good absorption and taste. As a dad, I'm pleased that there are products specifically designed for children that my daughter is happy to use."

Martin Dorbek

Player of the Estonian Basketball Team, captain of BC Kalev Cramo

Four-time Estonian basketball champion

"Vitamins are essential for every athlete, both professional and amateur. Nordaid has an ideal range of products and excellent absorption properties, they are the best in their field."

Priit Lehismets

Physiotherapist of the Estonian Basketball Team and BC Kalev Cramo

Estonian Athletics Champion

"Nordaid vitamins are ideal for athletes - fast dosing, easy to take with you and best absorption! Of course, you can't forget the great taste!"

Kelly Nevolihhin

Two-time Estonian champion in athletics

"Nordaid's products are indispensable to achieve optimal results. I've been using Nordaid products for over a year now, I've noticed that muscle cramps have completely disappeared after exercising, I also used to get sick more often than I have in the last year and my sleep quality has also improved."

Rasmus Roosleht


Estonian U20 champion

"We are very complimentary of Nordaid products, they have been a real benefit. The liposomal magnesium has eliminated leg cramps and the zinc has helped fight colds effectively." Keira's mother

Keira Rattur

A swimmer with Down's syndrome

Holds several World and European Junior records

World Championships double junior silver medallist

European Championships bronze

"I have been taking Nordaid vitamins for 4 years to date. Every day starts with spray vitamins D and B12, during sick periods I use a lot of zinc supplements and liposomal vitamin C, during intense training periods liposomal magnesium. I think it's very important to maintain my health, and Nordaid vitamins have helped me achieve this. They are easy to use, one bottle of spray vitamin is enough for several months and absorption is very fast. I recommend them with two hands!"

Annika Köster

Seven-time Estonian basketball champion

Captain of the Taltech/Nordaid team

"Every match-day I take Nordaid's liposomal vitamin C, which strengthens my immune system and gives me good energy for the whole day."

Alar Varrak

Seven-time Estonian champion as a basketball coach

"This Nordaid's product (Boulardii and Lactic Acid Bacteria for Throat) is a real panacea for my 6 year old son:) He was diagnosed with non-allergic asthma last year and we had to steam with medicines at least once a day, every day. Once we tried this product his health got better in a day, so thank you very much for this product, I mean it!"

Kätlin Kalev